God Rock Radio # 246 – Women Pioneers of Science Fiction – Part 4

In part 4,  Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues his trippy trek through the 1970’s and glides into the 1980’s . A new literary era when the science fiction genre develops a strong desire to address the entire human race and some writers provide new ideas and perspectives , subverting traditional sci fi conventions and expectations.  First up, its African American Octavia Butler, whose impressive works present a convincingly alien species and the union of that extraterrestrial race with a troubled humanity. Then its the mysterious Alice Sheldon/ James Tiptree Jr. who was once engaged in highly classified , CIA and Pentagon shenanigans. Sheldon/Tiptree would compose an extraordinary series of stories with interpenetrating themes , sex , identity , ecology , male and female relationships and death. Next up, its Iranian/ Zimbabwean writer Doris Lessing, whose works are infused with elements of Eastern philosophy and religion – the striving of the soul for perfection and union with the divine. Then its , Sherri Tepper, a natural born storyteller, whose works evolve from metaphysical science fiction fables to much darker toned visions that are fueled by Feminist anger. and last but not least its Jillian May , who after decades of writing juvenile literature, decides to open a science fiction publishing house and crafts an immense , complex and flamboyant space opera.

God Rock Radio #245 – Women Pioneers of Science Fiction -Part 3

In the third installment of GRR’s groundbreaking miniseries , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia trucks on down to the groovy 1970s , a time when science fiction begins to view things from a variety of perspectives. And the genres particular affinity with feminism becomes clearer with the publication of some challenging works. First off, its the gifted and wise , Ursula K Le Guin , hose mind was dominated by poetry and myth. her stories are like literary landmines that explode in your mind while reading them. The master storyteller made gender analysis and gender consciousness a legitimate topic for science fiction. Then its Joanna Russ, whose smart , tough and female space trucker/ mercenary (Alyx) becomes the model for countless successors and has a liberating effect on later writers and dreamers. Her inventive , electric , experimental , biting and beautifully constructed prose are essentially a science fiction assault on our male dominated world.