Season 9 : God Rock Radio # 169 – The War in Heaven – Part 1 (God and The Heavens)

In part 1 of the GRR season 9 premiere – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia , biblical scholar, folklorist and mythologist extraordinaire explores the evolution of monotheism. The belief in the transcendent yet personal one god of the Abrahamic religions and the celestial dwelling place of the lord and his angelic creations. First off – Jack examines the many different names utilized for the one god, different names that are like fingers on the divine hand. Next up Jack digs deeply into both the old and new testament references concerning the different concepts of heaven found within the scriptures. From its initial inception as a type of divine vault or dome floating inside the celestial sea (Genesis) to a place of eternal bliss and reward for the faithful (Revelations). And last but not least – Jack scrutinizes little known non-canonical texts in order to present a highly detailed and descriptive travel log of the 7 heavens (the 7 celestial spheres) from the ancient myths and legends of the Israelites .

Six tracks hit forward to advance.