God Rock Radio # 153 – The Apostles – Men of Myth,Mystery and Miracles

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the lives and legends of the pioneers of Christianity,the apostles. The inner circle of Christ’s followers who would settle the church and water the seeds of the new faith, acting like spiritual fathers to the rich and diverse group of nations and peoples that once formulated the vast roman empire. The simple fact is that the apostles disappear from the pages of the Bible without giving us so much as a clue as to where they went and there is no mention of their ultimate fates in biblical literature, even though many Christians believe otherwise. The missionary activities and deaths of the apostles were first told in legends via the oral tradition ,but by the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD , literature devoted to them begins to appear. Jack digs deep into these mysterious Coptic, Arabic,Ethiopian,Greek,Latin and Slavanic texts. Stories that present the apostles as non-stop miracle workers who are beloved of God and chosen to deliver the gospels to the world.

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God Rock Radio #152 – All Saints Day – All Souls Day Special – Part 2 The Martyrs of Japan,Korea,Vietnam and Uganda

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia a minister of The Holy Sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church, continues his examination of some of the lesser known contemporary Saints and Martyrs. This time out the lives and legends of some godly people from Asia and Africa. Without centuries and centuries of their stories being told and retold – many of these Martyrs and Saints (St. Paul Miki , St. Mathias Mulumba -etc) have not yet become part of the Saintly tradition , and the names and deeds may only be known by the most savvy of Saint Watchers. Most of them were missionaries and catchists giving religious instruction to those people who wished to become converts. Hoping to do nothing but good works , many of these evangelists were ill prepared for the strong resistance to their teaching , but their bravery and willingness to die for their faith in Christ is undeniable.

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