God Rock Radio #275 – Spirituality in Science Fiction /Fantasy Literature

At first glance the science fiction and fantasy literary genres may seem unconcerned with spirituality and religion …but…many of the roots of early sf/fantasy are overflowing with the traditions of the religious imagination. And even modern day sf/fantasy has a strong interest in metaphysical and transcendental imagery and themes , the growth of early sf/fantasy literature also coincides with growth of the spiritualist movement. The narrative thrust was either antagonism between science and religion or a reconciliation between the two , and many early writers and dreamers were churchmen or sons of clergymen who used their literature to rebel against orthodox christian cosmology and theology. Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia – a lover of genre literature examines the role of spirituality in Science Fiction / Fantasy concepts include religion, God , the soul , eschatology & reincarnation and The Messiah.