God Rock Radio # 187 – Mexican Horror Films of The 1950’s

Noted film historian and lover of genre movies Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues the GRR tradition of definitive programs on classic horror cinema, this time out its Mexican Horror Films of The 1950’s. The fantastic and the supernatural has always been a part of the Mexican film tradition and starting in the early 1930’s – Mexican filmmakers influenced by German expressionism and Universal monster movies begin to craft low budget films of excellent quality that feature a dynamic sense of visual artistry and lyrical poetry. First off its a historical overview of Pre-1950 Mexican cinema and its first great master of cinematic horror – director Fernando De Fuentes. Whose macabre and lyrically religious El Fantasmo del Covento (1934) and Two Monks (1934) fill up the screen with stunning contrasts of light and shadow. Then Jack charts the evolution of the Mexican horror films of the 1950’s – Psycho/killer thrillers like – El Hombre Sin Rostro (1950) and Luis Bunuel’s The Criminal Life of Archibaldo De La Cruz (1955). Movies that would later influence such directors as Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho) and Michael Powell (Peeping Tom). Then Jack checks out the Mexican Vampire movies – starring actor German Robles – a worthy rival to Christopher Lee – who portrays the aristocratic bloodsucker with distinction and menace. Jack also gets into the popular Aztec Mummy series (1957-1958) that utilized Mexican history and Aztec motifs instead of ancient Egyptian. In all Jack gives in depth analysis of over 20 Mexican horror films that managed to by pass their limited budgets and create a spellbinding Gothic splendor.

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God Rock Radio #186 – Global Warming & Eco – Spirituality (with Rev. Sandra Bargman)

Recorded in Verite style on location at Coney Island’s historic Broadwalk, actress, performer, interfaith minister and Eco-activist Rev. Sandra Bargman returns to GRR to speak with Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia about the global warming crisis and her own unique form of Eco-spirituality. Sandra has joined the ranks of Vice President Al Gore’s expanding Eco-army. A group of ordinary people dedicated to the sacred task of illuminating and mobilizing the public. Next up, its the mechanics involved in climate change, some of the many scientific facts that help to explain how and why global warming is happening so rapidly. And what just plain folks (like you and me) can do to help heal and save Mother Earth. The good Rev. also tells of her deep feelings for nature and the importance of dreams in her own spiritual life. Last but not least Sandra also recites an ancient and hopeful Tibetan prophecy about greed, weapons of mass destruction and the environment.

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