God Rock Radio #57 -The Myths and Legends of Hercules

Unrivaled in his knowledge of literature and mythology -Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia digs deeply into historical, spiritual and archeological texts in order to present the most comprehensive guideĀ on the Son of Zeus- you are likely to find just about anywhere, with the possible exception of Mount Olympus. You will not locate this kind of insight or detail within the halls of bogus and costly multi-faith seminaries- colleges or dumbed down and fugazy cable television networks.

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God Rock Radio #56-The History and Mystery of Indian Motorcycles

Spring is in the air and Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia rides his metaphorical bike into the lore and legend of the most mystical machine ever- The Indian Motorcycle. From their humble origins as a bicycle manufacturing company from Springfield, Mass. to their phenomenal motorized world wide success. Jack also examines the company’s Post World War II decline and bankruptcy as well as the many corporate shenanigans that have kept the company name alive through various incarnations.

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