God Rock Radio #132 – The Miracle of Christ Part 2

In the second part of this year’s Christmas special, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia provides a colorful and sometimes revelatory analysis on some of the miracles performed by the Prince of Peace -Jesus Christ. From the Wedding at Cana ,in which a young Jesus having a good time at a party keeps the celebration going by turning water into a heavenly , vintage wine. To the transfiguration in which Christ momentarily reverts back to his divine, celestial form and becomes a glowing , luminous being of light. Jack also goes in depth into the feeding of the multitudes , the raising of Lazarus from the dead and the ultimate miracle of them all, The Easter Event. A pivotal moment in the salvation history that transforms the cowardly apostles into envoys of God and gives birth to the Christian Church.

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God Rock Radio #131-The Miracle of Christ Part 1

An expert on early Christianity and a Eucharistic Minister of The Holy Sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia presents an intimate two part program on the life and healing ministry of the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ. In part 1, Jack digs deeply into the New Testament’s Biblical Canon of Books, and several of the little known Gnostic Gospels to provide a unique spiritual and historical perspective , and a far more complex , less blurry Son of God. Jack also examines Jesus Christ as a wise sage and shaman who performs controversial exorcisms, casting out demons from their human hosts with the power of love, faith and the Word of God.

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God Rock Radio #130-Native American Myths & Legends Vol 4 (The Cherokee & The Hopi)

Unrivaled in his knowledge of Mythology and often referred to as the “Heavy Metal” Joseph Campbell , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues the popular and critically acclaimed GRR series. This time out it’s 5 tales from the Cherokee and Hopi nations that are filled with humor, drama and the supernatural. First off it’s the Cherokee genesis story Earth Making- and the Orpheus themed- Daughter of the Sun. Next up a Hopi tale of good versus evil -The Son of Light Kills The Monster , in which the young hero along with Mole and the Tiny Spiderwoman take on the monstrous Man-Eagle , a creature that has been kidnapping, sexually abusing and finally eating women. Last but not least 2 celestial solar stories – The Hopi Boy and The Sun- in which an orphan finds out he has godly lineage and the Cherokee story – Grandmother Spider Steals The Sun.

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