God Rock Radio #204 – The History and Mystery of The Rosary

In the season 11 premiere GRR gets back to its spiritual roots as Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines a central part of Christian spirituality, the veneration of the divine feminine via The Marian Mantra (Hail Mary) and the rosary ritual.  First off ,  its the blessed Mother of Mercy in Roman Catholic theology and the parallels to other personifications of the Divine feminine found within Patriarchal religions (The Skehinah, Fatima and Kwan Yin).  Then  its the evolution and development of the Hail Mary prayer and the Rosary throughout the centuries as monks, hermits, mystics , theologians and popes keep adding stanzas and procedures to this ancient form of christian meditation. Next up, Jack gives step by step directions on how to pray the Rosary and how to unlock its amazing spiritual power (something anyone of any faith can do).  And last but not least Jack examines the Symbolism and spiritual meaning behind the 4 sets of Marian mysteries (glorious, joyful, sorrowful and luminous) 20 important biblical events that act as a spiritual backdrop to insights and reflections as we pray and meditate.

6 tracks hit forward to advance.