God Rock Radio # 185 – The Bronte Sisters – The Original Goth Girls Part 2

In part 2 of GRR’s definite program on the lives , legends and literary legacies of the three Bronte sisters, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines their brilliant gothic flavored poems and novels. First off, its the youngest of the Bronte bunch – Anne whose lesser known writings explore a deep sense of religious doubt, spiritual melancholia and Calvinist despair and have sadly often been neglected by scholars and historians. Next up, it’s the enigmatic Emily Bronte – whose elaborate verse and prose is filled with mystical, passionate invocations and visionary moments. Emily works would embrace the darkness of her beloved Yorkshire Moors and infuse it with elements of harsh realism and perverse romanticism. And last but not least its Charlotte Bronte – the most well known and respected of the three writer siblings – her work would often draw on her experiences as a governess and teacher infusing the autobiographical material with touches of absurd Victorian melodrama and proto-feminism.

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God Rock Radio # 184 – The Bronte Sisters – The Original Goth Girls Part 1

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues the GRR tradition of definitive programs about the great gothic , horror and early science fiction and fantasy writers with a two part special on the Bronte sisters whose gothic flavored writings would help to revolutionize the literary world. Born into an Irish Anglican minister’s household , the three sisters would initially write under male psuedonyms (The Bell Bros) composing in clandestine fashion in order to get their work published . Emily – the true literary genius of the family whose only novel – Wuthering Heights – an intense gothic tale of obsessive love reflected her love for her native Yorkshire Moors and her vast insight into human psychology. Charlotte – the best known of the three , was a gifted writer whose four novels including Jane Eyre , are works of remarkable passions and imagination. And the youngest Bronte – Anne – who became a governess – an experience reflected in the first of her two novels – Agnes Grey – a written in a more traditional less intense style .The Bronte bunch lived short, tragic gothic lives and these provocative artists would become the stuff of legend.

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