God Rock Radio #117-Native American Myths and Legends Vol#2 (The Cheyenne)

In the second installment of the ongoing GRR series , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia recites three tribal tales from the great Cheyenne nation. First Up its a creation story that tells of the Cheyenne genesis and focuses on their cultural and spiritual development. Next its a story of heroes and monsters in which a magical little boy battles a gigantic and villainous buffalo. And last but not least – a story about coyote the trickster , who one day decides that he is more powerful than the great Mystery himself and tries to dance with the stars.
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God Rock Radio #116 – Native America Myths and Legends Vol #1 (The Sioux)

In the first of a series of programs on the tribal tales of North America, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia who is unrivaled in his knowledge of mythology recites five sacred stories from the Sioux nation. First up, Jack tells the legend of the White Buffalo Woman, a sacred female being who brings the knowledge of how to pray and how to live to the Lakota. Next, it’s the story of the Thunderbird who goes to war against the water monsters in a primordial battle to save a young and vulnerable humanity. And last but not least it’s three tales of love and the supernatural, ghost stories that focus on the sexual interactions between the living and the dead. You won’t find this on cable television networks, satellite radio or in bogus and expensive interfaith seminaries-only on GRR.
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God Rock Radio #115 -The History and Mystery of Baptism Part 2

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues his in depth analysis of the Christian rite of initiation from the Middle Ages to the present day. First off, Jack travels back to the early Dark Ages and examines the shift from the Baptizing of adult converts to infants and children. Next up, it’s the scholastic movement, the school men (Peter Abelard,St. Thomas Aquinas -etc) who would spend centuries applying logic and reason not only to the contradictions of Religion and Philosophy but to Christianity itself, and their different metaphysical views on the ritual. Finally, Jack explores the Protestant reformers (Martin Luther,John Calvin -etc) and their thoughts on Baptism plus the importance of the Christian initiation ritual ceremony in the modern day culture of theological pluralism.
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