God Rock Radio #217- The Alternative Wild West -Vol 6 – Part 3-Outlaws and Renegades


In the exciting conclusion, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia rides the whirlwind of history and giddy-ups into the lusty lives and rowdy legends of those Robin Hood like desperados  of the old west – The James and Younger gangs who held the nation spellbound with their exploits for 15 years (1866-1881).  Ex confederate guerilla fighters and on the losing side of the Civil War , The James boys return home to the family farm in Missouri only to find  the land under siege by corrupt railroad agents, bankers and industrialists. Victims of predatory capitalism, the angry young men decide to form a criminal band that can strike swiftly with commando precision and then vanish with ghostly ease.  With an ever changing cast of characters , a grand sense of style and a touch of P.T. Barnum like showmanship , the James-Younger gang would become folk heroes as the defenders of the rural Arcadia against the invading carpetbaggers.  Jack also provides detailed analysis of the Jesse James legend in film and examines six movies from classic Hollywood era (1939-1950). Including the cinematic visions of such master movie makers as Fritz Lang,Sam Fuller and Nicholas Ray.

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God Rock Radio # 216 – The Alternative Wild West – Vol 6 – Part 2- Outlaws and Renegades

In the second installment of GRR’s epic 3 part miniseries, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia saddles up and rides like thunder through the dusty winds of time and gallops back to the bygone days of the untamed American frontier. First up, its vigilante justice  as citizens who felt that the law was too weak , slow to act or corrupt take matters into their own hands and formed gangs of vengeance. Some of these wolf packs ran amok  (The East Texas Regulators & The Hounds of  San Francisco) and turned out to be far worse than the desperados they were supposed to be pursuing. Then its the kinky story of the most unique of these gangs – The Slicker Spankers of Missouri , who seemed far more interested in humiliating their victims with bondage and discipline than lynching them. Next up, its the little known story of Maurice Barrymore, founder of the legendary acting dynasty – who in desperate need of cash decides to take his theatrical troupe on a tour of the west , and its a smashing success . That is until one dark and stormy night the prince of players runs into one of the meanest gunslingers in Texas , Big Jim Currie. And last but not least , its the fateful tale of the last of the western outlaws and perhaps the most bungling bandit of them all – Al Jennings of Oklahoma.  A legend of his own making ,  Jennings writes a highly fictionalized autobiography and by chance becomes an actor and technical consultant to many B movie westerns.

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God Rock Radio #215 – The Alternative Wild West Vol 6 – Outlaws & Renegades Part 1

GRR returns from the Cov-19 induced lockdown as Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues the popular and ground breaking series on the American Western frontier. First off, its the truth and consequences of Manifest Destiny as militant protestant religious fervor merges with national policy and an endless stream of white topped wagons and railroad boxcars roll across the plains.  Then its the sad but inspiring story of  Modoc indian chief Captain Jack – who betrayed and enslaved by the government , decides to pack up the entire tribe and vanish from the reservation sparking off an uprising that ultimately will fail.  Next up, its the exciting exploits of two legendary bands of outlaw brothers.  The Renos – who with six guns drawn invented the new and successful technique of boarding and robbing a train followed by The Reynolds – who not only held up stagecoaches for their own gain but also stole lots of gold for the confederacy.  Then its the King of the outlaws – Bill Doolin – who had a cool, shrewd head on his shoulders and planned carefully thought out and executed robberies.  And last but not least , Jack joins the last ride of The Dalton gang – who become famous for pulling off the most bungled bank robbery in the history of the west.

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