God Rock Radio #47-Bela Lugosi (Halloween Special #2)

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the favorite movie star of his youth, the lord high priest of the living dead- Bela Lugosi. Mr Lugosi lived an amazing life , long before he ever put on his Dracula Cape. Bela was a romantic Matinee Idol in Hungarian theater and film, with roles in Shakespeare , Ibsen and Chekhov . He served in World War 1 – was wounded three times in battle and won medals for his valor-and became a dissident in the Hungarian revolution. Was put on a Death Squad list and had to flee for his life all the way to Hollywood- where he made over 70 films.

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God Rock Radio # 46- The History and Mystery of William Blake


Jack ” The Agnostic” Garcia examines the life and work of perhaps the greatest spiritual artist and poet – William Blake. Visited daily by Angelic apparitions , Mr Blake created some of the most unique and imaginative art and poetry in the Western cannon . He was ridiculed, isolated and unappreciated in his own lifetime, but is now ranked among such giants as Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton (and the Gods Laugh).

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