God Rock Radio #220 – The History & Mystery of Astrology -Part 2 – The Zodiacs

In the conclusion to GRR’s epic examination of the origins and development of astrology, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia takes a wild ride around the cosmic circle of the zodiac and documents the largely unknown story of the mystic astral arts.¬† First off, its the early stages of human development as pre historic star gazers feel compelled to paint , carve and engrave signs of the constellations (celestial maps) transforming their humble cave dwellings into cavernous cathedrals. Linking the star patterns to animals , the symbol of the circle and the far more ancient totemistic primal religion in the process. Over the course of many centuries the planets and stars (visible to the naked eye) are assigned specific qualities , associations, rituals and purposes. This astral mythology and celestial spirituality merges and is transferred, adapted , and absorbed by virtually every culture growing more and more complex and sophisticated over time. Next up, its the casting of a celestial map (horoscopes) , the astral configuration at the exact time and place of an individual’s birth – which can determine the cosmic forces that act on each of the 12 stellar mansions or houses (the signs of the zodiac) and can be used as a guide by the astrologer to tap into a persons full spiritual potential. Then last but not least – Jack visits the 12 signs aka the celestial houses or astral mansions of the zodiac digging deeply into each individual signs rich amalgamation of symbolism , allegory , mythology and spirituality.

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Season 12 – God Rock Radio # 219-The History & Mystery of Astrology -Part 1

In The GRR season #12 premiere -Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia zig zags his way through the latitudes and longitudes of space and time and chronicles the mysterious origins and extraordinary development of the mystic art of astrology. First off, it’s the land of the fertile crescent (Mesopotamia) as the Sumerians endlessly search the night skies in a quest to fully understand the secrets of cosmic harmony and divine celestial order. Linking the planets and stars to their own supreme deities, they formulate a mystical system of divination. Up next, it’s the Hellenistic world as the Greeks who not only loved astrology but democratized it, start to develop theories on the place of humanity and the celestial bodies in the universe. Then its the ancient Israelites who much to the surprise¬† of modern day scholars and historians , sometimes placed beautiful mosaics of the zodiac in the center of their synagogues . Perhaps as a testament to the presence of God among the planets and stars. Next up, the Roman empire who import astrology from Greece and make it their own, even contributing the names of the planets still in use today. Then its off to Asia , where the Chinese develop their own elaborate system – one which associates each year with a particular animal. And India whose astrologers use Hellenistic techniques but infuse Indian social values and spiritual beliefs into the astral mix. And last stop…the Americas , where pre-Colombian stargazers sat patiently watching and calibrating the movements of the supreme celestial bodies. A serious and sacred task since the calculations decided the correct time for their blood ritual sacrifices.