God Rock Radio #55 -Legends of The Early Christian Saints

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia plays storyteller and tells the Mythic tales of the Early Christian Saints and Martyrs (Stephen, Polygarp, Sebastian, George and Christopher) amazing and exciting legends that are a blending of Faith, Fact and Fantasy. These timeless and compelling stories are filled with peril and preserverance in┬áthe face of overwhelming odds and Cosmic opposition.

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God Rock Radio # 54-The History & Mystery of Geronimo (Warrior/Shaman).

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the Great Chiricahua Leader and Medicine Man, Geronimo who led a revolt of 4,000 Apaches that had been forcibly removed by U.S. authorities to a barren Reservation in Arizona. Geronimo was not only a Freedom Fighter ,but a Mystical Shaman Healer who lived and died during a time of Great Turmoil and Bloodshed.

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