God Rock Radio #62 -The History and Mystery of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

In celebration of the upcoming July 4th Holiday – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the legacy of an American Icon (Harley Davidson). Jack travels the historic Harley Highway from the company’s humble origins in a backyard shed to it’s involvement in two World Wars and the company’s ultimate recognizability as a symbol of America the whole World over (consider this program a companion piece to this past Springs show on The Indian Motorcycle Company).

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God Rock Radio #61-Mermaids,Sea Nymphs and Water Demons

In order to celebrate the beginning of the Summer season, Jack “The Agnostic”Garcia spans the globe and dives deeply into his vast knowledge of World Folklore and Mythology. In order to present the most comprehensive guide to Mermaids, Sea Nymphs and Water Demons -that you will ever be likely to find anywhere on planet Earth (with the possible exception of the sunken city of Atlantis). Don’t forget to visit historic Coney Island on June 22nd and enjoy the dancing, naked ladies at the Annual Mermaid Parade.

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