God Rock Radio # 246 – Women Pioneers of Science Fiction – Part 4

In part 4,  Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues his trippy trek through the 1970’s and glides into the 1980’s . A new literary era when the science fiction genre develops a strong desire to address the entire human race and some writers provide new ideas and perspectives , subverting traditional sci fi conventions and expectations.  First up, its African American Octavia Butler, whose impressive works present a convincingly alien species and the union of that extraterrestrial race with a troubled humanity. Then its the mysterious Alice Sheldon/ James Tiptree Jr. who was once engaged in highly classified , CIA and Pentagon shenanigans. Sheldon/Tiptree would compose an extraordinary series of stories with interpenetrating themes , sex , identity , ecology , male and female relationships and death. Next up, its Iranian/ Zimbabwean writer Doris Lessing, whose works are infused with elements of Eastern philosophy and religion – the striving of the soul for perfection and union with the divine. Then its , Sherri Tepper, a natural born storyteller, whose works evolve from metaphysical science fiction fables to much darker toned visions that are fueled by Feminist anger. and last but not least its Jillian May , who after decades of writing juvenile literature, decides to open a science fiction publishing house and crafts an immense , complex and flamboyant space opera.

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