God Rock Radio # 247 – Women Pioneers of Science Fiction -Part 5

In the conclusion to GRR’s highly acclaimed groundbreaking mini series, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia chronicles the works of writers and dreamers from the 1980’s into the 1990’s. First up, its Pat Cadigan – whose dark and comprehensive Cyberpunk visions feature a dystopian world dominated by Mega corporations and the intricacies of the human computer interface. Then its , C.J. Cherryh – whose vast, extensive and complex science fiction mythos is not always easy to follow but well worth the effort. Up next, Joan D Vinge, whose sci fi work is grounded in fairy tales and fables. Followed by Nancy Kress – who has a gift for assimilating complex subjects and topics into her fascinating prose.  Next up, Connie Willis – whose time traveling tales showcase a sense of style , an eye for detail and a gift for empathy. And last but not least its Lois McMaster Bujold- who takes joy in telling her stories and conveys that delight to the reader.