God Rock Radio # 248 – The History & Mystery of Passover

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia (who grew up in Brighton Beach) examines the Jewish Festival of Freedom , Pesach or Passover. First up its the Jews in Egypt and The Book of Exodus – essentially the national epic of ancient Israel from both a spiritual and historical perspective. Then its the how and why two separate Jewish springtime festivals (unleavened bread and the Paschal Lamb ) were fused together into one mega-celebration. Next up , King Josiah (640-609 BC) and his progressive social and religious reforms plus the Roman Flavian Dynasty (69-96 AD) whose persecution of the Jews and destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem is a further step in the evolution of the modern day Passover celebration. Then its Haggadah – the sacred Passover text and a living historical book that is filled with legends , miracles , prayers , songs , stories and parables. And last but not least its The Seder Meal itself – a culinary celebration that unites the entire family with a festive spirit , ancient traditions and religious observance. 

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