God Rock Radio # 183 -Native American Myths and Legends -Vol 6 – The Apache – Part 2

In part 2 , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia plays storyteller and recites four trickster tales of coyote from the White Mountain Apache peoples (aka The Yava Pai Apache nation). Two sacred stories that are suitable for teens and two twisted tales that are for adults only. First off , its Turkey makes the corn and Coyote plants it – a fable about the beginnings of agriculture as turkey and bear shake many different fruits, nuts and seeds from their bodies. And coyote then decides to plant corn seeds that will soon grow strong and tall ,but of course gets involved in cheating , stealing and mischief. Next up, its Coyote steals the Sun’s Tobacco – an adults only, twisted trickster tale of thievery and deceit ,in which coyote gets his sticky fingers on the Sun’s tobacco but refuses to share any with his neighbors. So the Apache people devise a clever gender bending plan that will get them coyotes stash and also teach the trickster a lesson he will never forget. Then its two stories about Coyote’s misadventures among the white settlers – Coyote fights a Lump of Pitch – in which the trickster gets fooled by a scarecrow fashioned out of pitch and caught in a trap like a fly inside a spider’s web and must quickly figure away out of it (or else!). And last but not least , its another adults only twisted trickster tale – Coyote gets rich off The White Men – in which coyote runs rings around the local white authorities by running away with a fancy and well provisioned horse and then figuring out some very outrageous ways to swindle both the local towns people and the American soldiers that are hot on his trail.

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God Rock Radio # 182 – Native American Myths and Legends -Vol 6 -The Apache Part 1

Folklorist and mythologist extraordinaire – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia – continues the popular and ongoing series of programs on Native American myths and legends. This time out its sacred stories from the Apache peoples. First off, its a historical and cultural overview of the Apaches and their almost 300 year uninterrupted bitter and relentless battle against the Spanish, Mexican and Anglo Americans settlers in order to avoid confinement , enslavement and genocide. Next, Jack examines the Apache religion and their spiritual way of life including their Mountain Gods and supernatural beings , the importance of lightning in their faith and the practice of witchcraft. Then Jack recites two Apache sacred stories , The Jicarilla Genesis – in which the entire world is covered in water and the people and animals live underground. Until one day they venture upward into the sunlight and the surface of the Earth. And last but not least its a White Mountain Apache tale about how the knowledge of curing and healing ritual and ceremony came into being.

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God Rock Radio # 181 – Saints of World War Two (Lent Special)

Never one to shy away from controversy, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the tragic but glorious stories of three martyrs/saints from the World War II era who were canonized by Pope John Paul II. First off , it’s a historical overview of the saint making process and the rules and regulations involved inside the congregation of the causes of the saints , the official background checkers in the Vatican. Next up, Jack examines the Spanish Civil War, an extremely bloody conflict that was a type of warm up for W.W. II and featured the involvement of Mussolini , Hitler and Stalin’s totalitarian governments. Then it’s the story of Ceferino Jimenez Malla, a Spanish Gypsy who dies before a firing squad rather than renounce his faith in Christ. Jack also tells the tale of two martyr/saints that met their deaths at the hands of the Nazis , inside the extermination camp at Auschwitz in Poland. Raymond Maximilian Maria Kolbe , a Roman Catholic Priest who was filled with great faith and spiritual courage and chooses to die in the place of another prisoner (a man he did not even know). And last but not least , its the controversial spiritual figure Edith Stein , a highly intellectual Jewish woman who converts to Christianity and becomes a Carmelite nun , but sadly also falls victim to the satanic Third Reich.

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God Rock Radio # 180 – Myths and Legends of Africa – Volume # 3

In celebration of Black history month, folklorist and mythologist extraordinaire – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia recites three trickster tales from the African continent. First off it’s a story from the Luo people called The Trickster ‘s Encounter – in which spider and hare , two good friends who also happen to be rivals travel to the stars in order to meet and greet spider’s future parents in law, creating lots of mischief and magic along the way. Next its a story from the Kikuyu tribe called One Trick Deserves Another – in which a rich man’s wife is fooled by a clever individual into slaughtering her husband’s beloved calf. The husband then departs home hell bent on performing some trickery of his own. And last but not least its a trickster tale from the Azande people called – Ture Outwits The Rich Woman – in which a man who is often so clever he is nicknamed The Spider, decides to taunt and tease a wealthy woman and her beloved dogs by stealing her food again and again.

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God Rock Radio # 179 – The History and Mystery of Yoga – Part 2

In the conclusion to GRR’s epic 2 part mini series – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines yogic practices in the west during the 20th century and beyond. First up , as the new century dawns interfaith / interspirituality pioneers continue to translate sacred Sanskrit and Buddhist texts into English , and a modified version of Hatha yoga becomes part of the health and fitness craze then sweeping the United States. By the late 1940’s – the tree of yoga flourishes in the new soil of North America as yogi Indra Devi brings meditation / breathing exercises , postures and poses to the Hollywood movie stars , who need to keep in shape and long for spiritual fulfillment. Then yogic master, Richard Hittleman starts his own daily yoga TV show that forever changes what yoga was thought to be in America and how it was to be taught. Jack also examines the sitar explosion , as George Harrison becomes fascinated with Hindu spirituality is introduced to yoga and transcendental meditation. Convincing the rest of The Beatles to travel to India seeking enlightenment and divine inspiration. Next up, its Harvard research psychologist – Ram Dass , who disillusioned with psychedelic drugs travels to the Himalayas and encounters a type of Hindu saint and is spiritually transformed composing a best selling book – Be Here Now – that tells of the stories of various yoga styles and schools. Paving the way for the New Age spirituality movement and Yoga’s mainstream acceptance by turning his spiritual quest into a lifestyle.

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God Rock Radio # 178 – The History and Mystery of Yoga – Part 1

In part 1 of a special 2 part program – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the ancient spiritual and religious roots of the healing art of yoga. First off its yoga’s mysterious origins in the sophisticated Indus valley civilization of northern India circa 5000 years ago , and the mysterious semi-mythical figure Pantanjali. Who sometime between 400 BC – 200 AD synthesizes the various Indian spiritual traditions of yoga, composing the Sutras. A text that formalizes the theories and methods of the healing art (chants, mantras, meditation – etc.).
Next Jack gets into the Chakras , energy channels found within the body that the practice of yoga can activate and amplify. Jack also explores the link between the postures and poses of modern Hatha yoga and pre vedic Tantric sacred sexuality (Kundalini yoga). Sacred serpent energy that rises up through our bodies via the chakras networks – when we engage in prolonged sexual activity (yoga sex magic). And last but not least it’s the arrival of yoga in the United States during the late 19th century. As Madame Blavastsky, a cigar smoking , free thinking hefty Russian immigrant helps to translate ancient Sanskrit text into english – paving the way for the modern interfaith / interspirituality movement. While Swami Vivekananda travels to the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair (The White City) and is a  big hit with the crowds , bringing yogic practice to the USA and planting the seed for yogas acceptance into the mainstream of western society.

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God Rock Radio # 177 – The Magi and The Christmas Star

In this years Christmas holiday special , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines The Magi (The Wise Men) and the celebrated celestial event known as The Star of Bethlehem. Jack digs deeply into ancient and obscure texts to present a portrait of who and what the mysterious Magi actually were and investigates the celestial event itself. A spectacular beacon of light in the night sky that compelled The Magi to journey from their home in the east across the desert and into the Holy Land. The Star of Bethlehem was only one among many well documented celestial fireworks found within the records of ancient Babylonian , Hindu and Chinese astronomers / astrologers whose writings testify to the fact that many strange and wondrous things were happening in the night skies during the years 8 to 1 BC (The time of Christ’s birth).

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God Rock Radio #176 Women and The Blues Part 2

Noted music historian Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues his examination of the often neglected Blues women who gave birth to the genre on 78 RPM recordings , and then were pushed aside by the emergence of the folk blues men who would then dominate the scene. In part 2 – Jack examines the next generation of women blues performers who would stay close to the blues singers like Lil Johnson who would flourish for a brief time in the hokum and dirty blues subgenres using food metaphors for sex and double entendre to great effect, leaving little to the imagination. Other performers like Memphis Minnie and Victoria Spivey would make the successful transition from the Delta blues style to the nightclub blues style of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Next up, it’s another wave of blues women like Wee Wee Booze , Sister Rosetta Tharpe , Big Maybelle and Big Mama Thorton who blended the flamboyant gospel singing style with swing , boogie woogie and jazz paving the way for the birth of rock n roll. And last but not least its the Queens of the Chicago blues style – Koko Taylor and Etta James who with a hybrid mix of blues, funk and rock recorded and toured endlessly for decades bringing the music of the blues to the entire world.

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God Rock Radio #175 – Women and The Blues – Part 1

In celebration of GRR’s 175th program, noted music historian -Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia returns the show to its roots and finally completes the popular and acclaimed blues trilogy. A series of programs begun during the first season (GRR #6) and continued during the second (GRR #18). Jack examines the evolution of the blues during the early 20th century and its link to the development of the 78 rpm phonograph record. As black women veterans of the minstrel shows and the vaudeville circuit became popular blues performers during the infancy of the genre. Well known ladies of the blues like Mamie Smith, Trixie Smith, Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith – who dressed in expensive sequined gowns and belted out timeless blues songs that sold well and had crossover success with both black and white audiences. Next up its the lesser known more obscure and mysterious women of the blues (Ida Cox, Mary Smith Johnson, Little Alice Moore, Bessie Tucker, Fannie May Goosby and Lucille Bogan) whose recordings would have little impact at the time but would have a lasting influence on the genre. Gifted blues poets who incorporated religious imagery , unbridled female sexuality and proto-feminism into their music.

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God Rock Radio # 174 – The Alternative Wild West Halloween Special

For this years Halloween celebration, Jack “The Agnostic”Garcia travels back to the bygone days of The Wild West and recites three miraculous, supernatural and macabre stories that were once told around the light of the campfires by grizzled prospectors weary cowboys and native americans alike. First off, its The Lady in Blue – a miraculous tale of a young 17th century Spanish nun ( Maria de Agreda) who each and every night goes into an ecstatic trance while her soul travels across the Atlantic and appears as an apparition descending from the sky to several Native American tribes. Gently urging them to summon the priests and become baptized into the one true faith. Next up, its the tongue in cheek cautionary supernatural story from the Blackfoot nation of the Northwest, The Manwolf – a tale of an aging brave who cannot control his two wives. His young and pretty wives are unfaithful and plot to kill him , but things don’t work out as they had planned as the aging brave  becomes transformed into an angry shapeshifter seeking revenge. And last but not least , its the macabre true story of the legendary mountain man Jeremiah Johnson. A much different tale than the one told in the sanitized 1972 Robert Redford film. For Johnson was both a serial killer and a cannibal whose troubled mind snaps after the grisly murder of his beloved wife. The original american man of vengeance , Johnson fought a one man war against the entire Crow nation, not only killing hundreds of Crow warriors but also feasting on their livers.

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