God Rock Radio #191 – Myths & Legends of Ancient China – Part 3 The Dao & The Occult

In the first of the seasons GRR Halloween celebrations – folklorist and mythologist extraordinaire, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia  examines The Dao. A great indigenous philosophical system that over the centuries took on the character of a religion absorbing many of the popular Chinese mystical cults , and its relationship to the supernatural and uncanny.  First off its a historical overview of Daoism / Taoism  as the Imperial court of the Emperors becomes filled with astrologers , Holy men, shamans and alchemists – who seek to make contact with the spirit world and the realm of  the Gods.  Next up, its the role of the Daoshi (The Daoist / Taoist Clergy) who spend decades mastering the mystical arts, learning how to cast protective spells and talismans and how to subdue and expel evil spirits and demons.  Then Jack takes a look at  renegade Daoshi who via the use of Yao-Shu (filthy magic) transform themselves into sorcerers and necromancers.  Commanding such evil and  legendary monsters / weapons as the Kulou Yuan Ling a type of gigantic Chinese Golem brought into being with the corpses of 100 men who died horribly.  And last but not least, its The Bai Gui Yexine – the night parade of spirits , ghouls , creatures and devils – an ongoing supernatural event that happens in a different city each and every night.

Five tracks hit forward to advance.

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