God Rock Radio #190 – Myths & Legends of Ancient China Vol # 2

Folklorist and mythologist extraordinaire , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues the GRR Season Ten premiere with sacred stories that mingle both Taoist and Buddhist spirituality.  First off, its the Ba-Xian (The 8 Immortals) , divine beings who were once mortal but achieved eternal life via their exemplary lives.  The 8 immortals were very popular and people carried amulets , charms and talismans formed from their symbols.  Next up, its the significance of the Silk Road trade routes which led to cultural and intellectual enrichment for both the East and the West.  Told via the tale of Lady Silkworm which incorporates a far more primal story with the origins of silk.  Next up, its the cult of the Jade Emperor and his consort, Wang-Mu (The Queen of the West), the living embodiments of Heaven and their vast celestial civil service that keeps the universe in balance and harmony.  And last but not least – its the story of the Mischievous Monkey King, who takes on the entire Celestial hierarchy in combat until he learns humility and forgiveness from Lord Buddha and the merciful one – Kwan Yin.

Four tracks hit forward to advance.

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