God Rock Radio #189 Myths and Legends of Ancient China Part 1 (Creation)

In the season 10 premiere , folklorist and mythologist extraordinare Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia examines the sacred stories of the early imperial dynasties (the Xia , Shang, Zhou and Han) who transformed China from a primitive tribal culture into a highly sophisticated civilization. First off, its a historical review of the ancient warlords and their sacred totems and talismans (like the snake and the dragon) and their importance and evolution within the realms of myth and legend. Next up its an account of the creation of the universe, The tale of Pan-Gu, the offspring of the primal Yin and Yang. Who separates  the Heaven and the Earth , and forms the World from his decomposing body.  Then its the great Mother goddess , Nu-Gua and her consort Fu-Xi , separate dieties who are transfigurated by the Han dynasty Taoists into a divine married couple- hybrid spiritual beings with human heads and entwined serpents tails that are forever locked together in an eternal embrace and divine copulation.  Last but not least , its the Celestial Gods and Goddesses (The Sun, Moon and Stars) and some of the divinities linked to the firmament .  Like the divine Archer  Yi – who takes on the Lord of Heaven’s rebellious children (The 10 Suns) who have decided to shine in the sky all at the same time causing heat and havoc for humanity.

Seven tracks hit forward to advance.

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