God Rock Radio #192 – The Alternative Wild West Halloween Special #2

In this seasons second Halloween celebratory program – Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia recites two Native American ghost stories and tells the Tales of an Indian renegade serial killer and a German immigrant family who headed West in order to murder their way across the prairie.  First off its  The sacred spectral story from the Sioux nation – The Man who was Afraid of Nothing – in which four ghostly skeletons decide to wager and try to scare The Bravest Man alive – trying to make him shiver, runaway and hide.  Next its a ghostly tale from the Cheyenne peoples – The Double Faced Ghost – in which an unhappy and immensely tall ghost falls in love with a beautiful maiden – and tries to convince  her family to let him make her his wife.  Then its the story of The Renegade Queho – a serial killer that terrorized the Southwest for 30 years – and who would meet an unusual and grisly fate.  And last but not least its The story of the wild west’s first serial killer family – The Benders . German immigrants who headed west in order to carve up a piece of the American dream.

Six tracks hit forward to advance.

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