God Rock Radio #250 – Corrupt Coney Island Cops -Part 2

Having consolidated his political power , John Y McKane The Grand Poobah of Gravesend  ( now the neighborhoods of Brighton Beach, Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay) makes himself the chief of police and grifters, theives, pickpockets, bouncers , bank robbers and cut throats – file through his office becoming his special officersand tough devotees. Chief McKane builds his own sinister looking , fortress like police station / court house on West Eighth Street (the future home of the 60th Precinct) and rules the township with an iron fist. A sadistic and violent man among his favorite past times are evicting widows and orphans into the street and whipping suspects derrieres into a bloody pulp. The business men of Gravesend are thriving and making lots of money and look the other way as bribery, blackmail, extortion and real estate fraud becomes a way of life – something that sadly still goes on to this very day.

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