God Rock Radio #198 – Philip K Dick (The Sage of Science Fiction) Part 2

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues GRR’s epic examination of the Life, legend and legacy of Philip K Dick , the deeply spiritual but doomed literary genius of our time.  As the 1970’s begin P.K.D , after writing at an almost supernatural, supersonic speed for 20 years begins to suffer from unprecedented cycles of writers block.  Seeking inspiration he welcomes into his home a much younger circle of  friends , college students who immerse the author in the hippie, counter culture movement.  Always a man of religious faith , P.K.D starts to have a series of  paranormal experiences and becomes convinced that an otherworldly divine intelligence has entered his mind.  An entity which communicates via telepathy and reveals to him sacred and eternal truths.  The sci-fi author will have these intense supernatural epiphanies for the rest of his life and tries to rationalize these mystical experiences by keeping an extensive journal and formulating his own unique and elaborate cosmology.  A type of spiritual history of the universe that is derived from or influenced by Gnostic Christianity- and channels it into his last great literary works.

6 tracks hit forward to advance.

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