God Rock Radio #197 – Philip K Dick (The Sage of Science Fiction) Part 1

Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia an expert on Pulp Fiction magazines and genre literature continues the GRR tradition of definitive programs about the great writers of Gothic, Horror , Fantasy and Science Fiction. This time out its Philip K Dick who cranked out quickie short stories and novels before transforming himself into an intellectual humorist and satirist. Becoming the master of surrealistic sci-fi with deeply intelligent and paranoid works that are both terrifying and funny.  In his dystopian visions advanced technology will not save us because basic human malevolence, money grubbing greed and officially sanctioned violence will never change or go away.  The world is ruled  by a demoralized cooperate elite and inhabited by a deluded population and only fleeting moments of loyalty, decency, tenderness and desire can illuminate the darkness.  An obsession with godhood and the nature of reality runs through much of his work which is often overflowing with mystical and transcendental themes and imagery. His amazing and prophetic prose confronts ancient speculative issues and fuses them with his scientific knowledge and religious faith.

5 tracks hit forward to advance.

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