God Rock Radio #143 – Myths and Legends of Africa – Part 2

In the second installment of GRR’s epic mini series Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia, an expert folklorist and mythologist continues his examination of the sacred  stories of the mother continent. First off its the tale of the greatest warrior king of the Yoruba peoples (Nigeria) , Shango who leaves mortality behind and eventually becomes a God.  Then its the story of the first Mambo King , Mwetsi from Zimbabwe, who helps create the human race but is then ritually slain in order to ensure the continued prosperity of the land. Next its stories about animals, including the Mantis the most sacred animal of the Kalahari bushmen and the trickster Hare a resourceful character that would travel with the West African slaves into the  American south and be come transformed into Brer Rabbit. Then its four sacred stories about Anansi , from the Ashanti peoples of Ghana, a mortal trickster who is so clever that he even tricks the High God himself ,but one day goes too far and is given a well deserved divine comeuppance.  And last but not least -Jack examines the most celebrated trickster figure in African mythology , the West African deity known as Eshu – a restless spirit with an all consuming hunger to create chaos and disorder.

7 tracks hit forward to advance.

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