God Rock Radio #270 – A Brief History of The Divine -Part 8 (Dreaming & The Divine)

With the Halloween specials now under his belt, Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia returns to GRR’s highly acclaimed mini series , this time examining the role of the divine in the altered state of consciousness that we all experience and share-Dreaming.  First up, its the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians who believed that dreams were coded messages sent by the Gods to sleeping minds and that those nocturnal images were a pathway to another dimension and another reality.  Utterly fascinated with unlocking the mysteries of their dreams they established the act of dream interpretation.  Then its – the ancient Hebrews and the role of dreams in the Old and New Testaments – where dream interpretation as viewed as a God given gift , and the dream expert was chosen to solve the symbolic and allegorical features of the dream. While in the New Testament , dreams illustrate divine intervention and guidance in the lives of Christ and his apostles.  Next up, its ancient Greece and Rome – where dreams were believed to be phantoms that could assume different shapes at night. They visited sleeping mortals and projected the dream images into the mind’s eye. Signs and symbols that may be of divine origin.  Then its the ancient Near East – where in India the Hindu/Vedics equated dreams with waking life and even believed that creation itself was the divine dream of a God. Chinese literature is overflowing with speculation about the nature of dreams and it was thought that waking and dreaming coexisted and were the same being.  Next stop, the Native Americans who cherished and depended on their dreams , and used them to shape many aspects of tribal life – dreams and visions were the source function of their spirituality.  Then its the Aborigines of Australia – who believe that all life is spiritually connected and that humanity originated in the Dream-Time. A different land , a different dimension and a different spiritual plane. The Dream Time is both an epoch of history and a state of being that remain accessible to those that participate in the ancient rituals.  And last but not least – Jack recites The Momentous Dream journey of Mohammed. The sacred story in which the Prophet of Islam embarks on a mystical dream voyage that will take him to some of the Holiest places on Earth , a whirlwind tour of the universe , the Throne of God, Paradise and even Hell itself. 

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