God Rock Radio #257 -Women Saints of The Dark Ages -Part # 1

With the collapse of the Western half of the Roman Empire (476 AD) and the rule of Germanic and Scandinavian tribal chieftans, The Dark Ages officially open for business. It is an era of perpetual warfare , an age of blood ans iron , but it is also the time of the Christian conversion and settlement of Europe. When spiritually forceful woman wit land, property and inheiritance rights were the benefactors of Churches , Monastries, Nunneries and often engaged in both secular and religious assembles. Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia chronicles the lives and legends of some of these remarkable but obscure Women Saints of The Dark Ages, who stimulated by the forces of word, image, ritual and ceremony welcomed the opportunity to dedicate their lives to charity and to God. The mystic fire burned brightly in these spiritual dynamos and part 1 includes – St. Anastasia , St. Euphrasia, St. Scholastica, St. Osith, St. Begalbee, St. Irmina and St. Adela. 

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