God Rock Radio #213 – Myths And Legends of Africa Vol #4 – Ancient Egypt

A tad late for Black History month , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues the series of folk tales from the mother continent – this time focusing on the greatest and most long lived of African civilizations , Ancient Egypt.  First off , its the magical tale called The Golden Lotus – in which the pharaoh Seneferu has few domestic troubles , no wars to fight and little to do – falling into a deep melancholy.  Seeking the advice of his court magician , the wise sage prescribes a voyage up and down The Nile – but this will not be an ordinary journey.  Next up , its the sacred story of Teta the Magician – in which the Godking Khufu seeks a lost papyrus containing the words of power that will keep his great pyramid at Giza safe and standing for all eternity.  And last but not least , its the biblical pharaoh from the Book of Exodus Ramses the Great – in a tale called The Princess and the Demon. In which the mighty ruler falls in love with the princess of Babylon and seeks the aid of the Moon God Khonsu – when her little sister back in Mesopotamia falls ill with a mysterious malady.

6 tracks hit forward to advance.

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