God Rock Radio #200 – The Moon Landing Part 2

In the second installment of GRR’s epic 200th program – Jack “The  Agnostic” Garcia examines spirituality in outer space , and in a descriptive step by step “You are there” segment – joins the crew of the Apollo 11 moon mission as they brave the cosmic void. First off, its the coexistence of science and spirituality in space as some of  the astronauts who venture into the vast unknown sea of stars begin to find their thoughts turning towards the divine.  The other worldly experience of space exploration becomes mystical and transcendent – deeply touching their souls and changing their lives forever.  Next up, Jack travels back to July 1969, when the United States was at the peak of its ingenuity, power and technological innovation.  As the team of space cowboys at NASA are about to undertake humanity’s greatest scientific achievement.  The hazardous voyage into outer space and a landing on the Lunar surface – transforming a cherished dream and literary fantasy into a reality.

7 tracks hit forward to advance.

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