God Rock Radio #195 – Saints of Medieval Spain Part 2


Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia continues his examination of the unique and diverse cultural and spiritual heritage of the Iberian peninsula.  In part 2, the Visigothic Christian kingdom falls to the invading Muslim Moors and the Arabs then with their vast knowledge in the arts and sciences create the most sophisticated civilization west of Byzantium. A highly literate society far in advance of the rest of Europe.  Meanwhile back in the christian north , a monk in Galicia stumbles upon the body of St. James sparking a religious revival and the rise of knightly orders.  Monastic warriors who push consistently southward as the reconquest of Spain transforms into a holy war. Jack also examines the lives and legends of four Spanish saints from the 11th and 12th centuries St Eneco/Inigo , St. Dominic of Silos , St Isidore the Farmer and St. Theotonius.  Holy men who lived their christian faith and prayed for Peace, tolerance and forgiveness in an age of suffering and Death.

4 tracks hit forward to advance.

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