Season 7 Finale – God Rock Radio # 146 – Saint Anthony of Padua

In the season 7 finale , Jack “The Agnostic” Garcia , a Eucharistic Minister of The Holy Sacrament in the Roman Catholic church, examines the amazing life , legend and legacy of the Iberian Saint who is often thought by many to be of Italian origin.  Born and baptized Fernando Martins, in the late 12th century to a wealthy , powerful and influential noble Portuguese family, the often sickly and pint-sized future saint becomes strongly attracted  to the simple evangelical lifestyle.  Joining the Franciscan order , Anthony soon rises very high indeed, becoming the lector/reader of the divine scriptures to the Franciscans , as well as envoy to Pope Gregory IX.  At the height of medieval political turmoil, religious wars, heretical movements and The Inquisition – St. Anthony would often stand alone against the injustices and corruption of the ruling elite, the super strong and the mega-wealthy – proving himself to be the true spiritual successor to the blessed Saint Francis of Assisi.

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