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The God Rock Radio Show combines great spiritually inspired music by well known rock, jazz, and World music artists along with intellectually stimulating discussion on spiritual topics.


The Mysterious Angel Archive is a vast eclectic collection of classic and rare films, videos, books, and music.

Jack (The Agnostic) Garcia -(Host/Editor/Writer/Producer/Director ) 
Mr. Garcia is a film,music and social historian -the resident genius of The God Rock Radio Program 
-he owns and operates The Mysterious Angel Archive- a vast collection of Films , Music and
Printed material-which includes many rare and hard to find items. He makes these Audio /Visual materials availble to scholars , authors , students , Libraries , Seminaries , Colleges and Universities on a very private -by appointment only basis. His hobbies include Archealogy , Coins ,Literature, Mythology, Knives and Sex. He Lives with his consort of many years -Teresa Machin- They reside somewhere in the Land of Oz.


Teresa Machin - An indispensible God Rock Radio family member -She is responsible for much of the lay work in creating the God Rock Radio Universe -uploading many of the rare and hard to find  items
 on the public archive - She holds a degree in Psychology - and is currently a Radiologic Technician .


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